Following is a list of community resources and articles dealing with grief and bereavement. The articles are provided courtesy of the Funeral Service Association of British Columbia and St. Michael’s Centre. Feel free to view them or print them for personal use. Follow the links below to view them.

For grief and bereavement resources in your area, please contact the BC Bereavement Helpline:

In the Lower Mainland call: 604-738-9950

Throughout BC call toll-free: 1-877-779-2223

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About the Author of the Above Articles

Reverend Michael Sabara is an employee at St. Michael’s Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Father Michael was born in Windsor, Ontario, where he completed his early schooling. After finishing his B.A. and Master of Divinity at the University of Toronto he pursued a second Masters in Pastoral Theology at the University of Windsor and then doctoral studies at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has taught on both the high school and university levels and has traveled extensively.

He is an ordained Ukrainian Greek Catholic Priest and has served as the Chancellor of his Diocese, the Dean of the Lower Mainland Clergy and as a Pastor for almost seventeen years.

He has been involved with several boards and committees in St. Michael’s Centre and in the Burnaby and Vancouver areas dealing with Pastoral Care, Hospice, Ethics, and Multiculturalism. Over the years Father Michael has also been on many community boards, including the Burnaby Hospice Society, the Catholic Health Association of British Columbia, the B.C. Bereavement Helpline and the Roman Catholic Marriage Tribunal of the Vancouver Archdiocese.

His interest in Grief and Bereavement, Hospice and Palliative Care goes back to his days in seminary when the thesis for his second master’s degree dealt with “Grief Therapy and the Funeral”. He has published articles, lectured and given workshops on grief and related issues and has addressed provincial, national and international conferences and associations. He is also a season instructor at St. Mark’s College, UBC, in both Eastern Christian Studies and Pastoral Care.

Father Michael is an ardent supporter of those professions that assist in the grieving process and strongly supports and promotes the services which they render to families in grief.