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Hospice Networking Newsletter – Nov 2009
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Self-Care at St. Michael’s – Feb 2011
Healing Presence: Self-Care Newsletter – July 2011Signs of Dying – The Body – Feb 2012
What Do I Do? – When a Loved One is Confused or Disoriented – May 2011
Family Support for One who has Alzheimer’s – May 2011
Coping with Grief and Loss – May 2011
Losing a Partner or Loved One – May 2011
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Special Events & Announcements
It is with great pleasure that we introduce the new CEO of St. Michael’s Centre.

SMC has created an original song entitled: St. Michael’s – A Home Away from Home.Creating our Song: 2011 was a year of change and transition for the Centre, so when we were brainstorming ideas to promote our upcoming Accreditation Survey, we felt that we needed to do something extra special and completely different to reaffirm our sense of family and commitment, both to the Centre and each other – and a song was born!Staff provided responses to the following open ended statements: We are, We can, Together let’s, To me St. Michael’s means, When change happens we, I believe, and We’ll stay together if. Our talented Music Therapist, Meaghan Jackson, took all the responses and created our very own original song. Meaghan and her husband laid down the soundtrack, along with the bass stylings of our interim CEO Keith Anderson.A recording studio was set up in the Library and stars from all departments came to sing. This has been an incredible journey for all of us. Everyone’s enthusiasum, participation and heartfelt words have been inspiring. Thank you to everyone, for truly making St. Michael’s – A home away from home.

St. Michael’s Centre Celebrates its’ 30th Anniversary
We’ve come a long way since our doors first opened on July 6, 1981. Take a walk down memory lane and check out our rotating displays in Parkview Lounge from mid-June through August. Included are: archival newspaper clippings, architectural plans, photos, newsletters, community postings, staff stories, etc. celebrating our history and achievements.